We make selling your house quick and easy but in many cases we are not the best option. As with any business or service, we are not always the right fit. Our whole business model works off buying houses below market value. So,  when it is not worth your time or energy calling an investor to get a quote on your house?


  1. You want top dollar for your home
  • If you are trying to sell your house in Jacksonville and it is in good shape and nicely  renovated, and your goal is to get top dollar for it, an investor is not the right fit.


  1. You’ve spent a lot of time and energy renovating your house to sell it and aren’t in a hurry
  • At this point, you’re probably looking to see a return on that kind of investment.  You are also mentally prepared for the time and energy that it takes for potential buyers to walk through the house, get appraisals, get inspections, and get a mortgage on it. If you are mentally ready for that, then your best bet is to sell with a real estate agent.


  1. You have time to find potential buyers and look over different offers
  • If this sounds like your house, nicely renovated, etc. and you have the time to find that perfect buyer and get the perfect offer, you will probably be very frustrated and feel like you wasted your time talking to an investor because our offer would be below the market value of what you are looking for.


Keep in mind an  investor’s business model operates off making money from the houses they  buy and resell, so in most cases they aren’t going to pay top dollar for a home. They are looking for fixer-uppers, people in unique situations that need to get rid of their house quickly, or have inherited the home and dont have the time or money to maintain it.


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