Mark’s Arlington Renovation Project
Mark is a general contractor well versed in the world of construction/renovation work and costs. His home residence in Arlington had been a long time project that was half way there but never completed. Do to some family issues, Mark had been traveling back and forth to Fernandina Beach and Tampa and had also taken on the responsibility of taking care of his mother. He needed to sell his house in Arlington and move up to Piney Island in order to be closer to his family with his mother.

Sell with a Real Estate Agent?
Selling with a real estate agent was one option but it had an overwhelming amount of negatives in his specific situation.

  • Buyers walking through the house while Mark is still living there taking care of his mother.
  • When Mark accepts a buyers offer, he will deal with:
    • Home inspections
    • Bank appraisals
    • Contractor estimates
  • Once the home inspections come back, next will be repair requests which are credits taken directly out of Mark’s profits for his property.
  • Closing costs, typically in Mark’s area buyers will ask for closing costs to be paid for by the seller, another cost eating away at Mark’s profits.
  • Even after all is said and done, the closing date is not set in stone, a buyer has the ability to back out of a contract at any time. Sure, Mark could try to sue for non-performance of the contract but at that point is it really worth it? He has already wasted 45 plus days with his house off the market.

Smooth Sailing to Closing Day
I walked through Mark’s house one time and talked to him for about five minutes. We negotiated a price that worked for him which paid off the existing mortgage and gave him the extra funds he would need for moving expenses. An ironclad closing date was set so Mark knew exactly when the property would no longer be his responsibility and he was able to plan his move accordingly.

As time went by and we moved closer to the closing date, Mark decided that he needed an extra two weeks in the house. He made one phone call to me and we simply pushed the closing date back, no problem at all.

We offer simple, fast real estate transactions to everyone that works with us. Even if you decide not to sell to us, I will gladly provide my opinion on your best course of action. Free consulting on the sale of your house, it’s at least worth the phone call: 904-674-8102.

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