Meet PAT

Pat Flynn is the Vice President of YellowBird and directly manages and oversees property acquisitions and direct marketing.  Starting his real estate career in 2017, Pat quickly became one of Jacksonville largest home buyers purchasing over 100 homes during his first year!  Pat’s pure honesty and transparency and unique ability to listen to clients and find win-win solutions has elevated his success in a short period of time.  Pat is often a featured speaker in local real estate groups and leads a small group on beginning Real Estate investing.

Pat earned his bachelor degree in Engineering from the United States Merchant Marine Academy.  After graduation he was commissioned as an Ensign in the USNR and sailed in the U.S Merchant Marine Fleet for 7 years traveling the world.

Pat lives in Neptune Beach with his wife Jane & daughter Nora.  Pat enjoys seasonal beer, creepy old hotels, stinky houses.

  • Navigating the Jacksonville Northside 95% 95%
  • Paddle Boarding 14% 14%
  • Drilling Docks 80% 80%
Watch & Learn

Every House is Different

I wanted to talk a little bit about what we do when we buy a house. This is something I wanted to bring up because I know, especially when I first got started, I had a one-track mind on every single house we bought. I was only thinking of it one way which was we're...

Real Estate Investing in Jacksonville

So we’re up in the Newtown, West Moncrief, Northwest Springfield area a lot, and I wanted to talk about people who are just trying to get started in this business. In the Murray Hill area, you know its a hot area right now, and those homerun, slam dunk deals of 20/30...

Bread and Butter of Murray Hill

If you’re looking for a Murray Hill house, this is bread and butter of what you looking for. The owners moved out about a month ago, so we're just on the tail end of the renovation now. This is on Royal, it’s a great street in Murray Hill, and things are selling...

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