Finishing up another renovation project in Alderman Park, a quiet desirable neighborhood in Arlington.  Now is the best time in 10 years to sell your house in Arlington.  Median home values in the area are up around $160,000.  When priced correctly, homes fly off the MLS within a week.  There is just not enough inventory in the $120,000 – $160,000 range to satisfy all of the buyers looking for a home in Arlington.

If you are even considering selling your home in Arlington, give me a call to at least explore the option of selling it without paying a Realtor.  Our business model is making real estate transactions as simple as possible to the people who sell to us, we pay all closing costs and take care of all the title work on the front end.  We can buy houses faster than anyone else in Jacksonville and use are own cash which allows us to make quick decision and be flexible on our closing dates.

We buy houses all over Jacksonville and we do it fast.  Call me anytime and I can answer any questions you have about our home buying process and the difference between using us instead of a realtor.  Go JAGS!

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