Yesterday, I was the witness to my first closing at Flynn Homes. My name is Ainslie, Pat’s assistant, and the newest addition to the Flynn Homes team. We closed on 1119 Nantucket Ave, in Atlantic Beach yesterday evening and all the sellers could say was “Wow, this was so easy”.

The older couple whom we bought the property from were the original homeowners’ long-time friends, and became their caretakers for the last 10 years of their life. They recently had some bad tenants and could no longer maintain the property. However, they also knew it needed work and were at a loss for what to do with it. We closed on the property in one week, and the closing itself took about 30 minutes. The room echoed with lots of “…wow, that’s it?” and “…that was so easy” throughout the closing.

We buy house in Jacksonville

The sellers were happy to share stories and memories of the home, describing how the home looked with all the funky carpet colors that used to be in each room, etc. Being in someone’s home like this can be a very intrusive, yet Pat and the team were extremely accommodating and made them feel comfortable during the entire process. It was a bittersweet moment for the sellers parting with their late friends’ home and the memories in it, but the relief of burden was very clear once they had the check in hand.


As Pat’s said before, we are not for everyone. We encounter so many different situations and have the resources to handle just about anything. If you have a unique situation, or know anyone who may be in a similar situation, give us a call. We take pride in being transparently honest and steering you on the right course, even if Flynn Homes is not the best solution for you.


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