From Drilling Holes in the Ocean Floor to the Birth of Nora and Flynn Homes

Four months ago was my last day working offshore on a drilling rig, I made the decision to leave my former career of ten years and become a full time real estate investor/entrepreneur.  Leaving a strong, steady, high paying job with great benefits and stability is not the easiest thing to do with a live-in girlfriend and brand new baby girl at home.

In the back of my mind, I always knew life was too short to not love and be excited about what you wake up and do every day. It took my daughter being born to finally snap me out droning on like a zombie, listening to what everyone else said about what I should be doing and playing life safe.

What is your breaking point?

I am writing to document my steps as I stumble through the journey of leaving a safe career to becoming self-employed. To read and listen to the advice of successful people is effective, but the real value is knowing how these individuals got started on their path, their motivation, goals, and breaking point. What if you could be inside of their brain the first day they decided that nothing anybody else says matters, and that if you push hard enough the world will bend to your will. I want to share negative and positive thoughts that go through my head so people can relate to them as they go through the same journey. Just knowing that they are not alone and that others have the same insecurities and seemingly overwhelming negative thoughts screaming at them to go back to their comfort zone where things are safe and easy will spark the courage to stay the course.

Paint a mental picture of your goals

Paint a picture in your head of where you are going and don’t ever give up on it for anything.  In moments of weakness you have no choice but to push through and persevere. People that rise up above the rest do so because nothing about them is average.   Not their drive, their vision, their discipline, their focus.  They are principle driven, goal oriented, fear nothing, nothing will get you down or be allowed to stand in your way.

Don’t ever stop pushing

Four months later, I now spend my days interacting and listening to homeowners who have a problems they need solved and are looking for answers. People face an infinite amount of real estate problems each day and there are creative viable solutions for all of them when you know where to go to find the answers. I am still a far way off from where on I want to be but now every day is completely different and exciting. When I’m not driving around and talking to sellers I’m writing about mindset and focus in hopes to help people who just need that little push that will change the trajectory of their whole lives.

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