If you’re looking for a Murray Hill house, this is bread and butter of what you looking for. The owners moved out about a month ago, so we’re just on the tail end of the renovation now. This is on Royal, it’s a great street in Murray Hill, and things are selling quickly over here. So let’s go inside and take a look around at the renovation.

New paint throughout, updated cabinets in the kitchen, refinished patio ceiling out back, too. New bathroom finishes and tile in the shower, and I am so happy with how the floors turned out. Our crew refinished these floors and I think they turned out amazing.

So, not very much to it,  very basic Murray Hill house. They’re  perfect right now, because they’re selling so high in this area. We’re able to pay people good numbers because of it. If you’re looking to sell your house in Murray Hill give us a call, you might be surprised what we can offer!  We’ve been buying 5 or 6 over here every single month. Our office is right over the river so we can make a quick offer and come take a look the same day in most cases.


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