Selling your property or one you inherited can be a daunting task.  There are so many different ways to go about selling a property it can get confusing and intimidating.  Everyone’s situation is different which is why there is no right answer for the best way to sell a property; the best way depends on your circumstances.

The first thing you should do is ask yourself the following questions…

  • Time

o   How much time do I want to spend selling the property?
o   Can I wait 60-90 days before I receive the cash for the house?
o   How much time are you willing to invest in selling the property?
o   Are you willing to make repairs/clean yourself or do you want to hire that out?

  • Schedule

o   Does it matter to you when the property closes?
o   If your buyers back out a week before you are supposed to close, will you be able to recover from that?
o   When are you looking to move?

  • Selling Price

o   Are you willing to invest the time and energy to get top dollar for your property?
o   Are you prepared to negotiate with buyers and RE agents or should you hire someone to do that on your behalf?
o   Would you be willing to sell at a small discount in order to choose your own closing date and not deal with buyers or agents?

Everyone’s Situation is Different, the Only Cure for Fear is Taking Action

It would be impossible to write a blog post outlining the best route to go in every situation because it would be endless.  At Flynn Homes we have come across hundreds of seller situations and would never move forward with a deal if it was not a win-win for everybody involved.  Even if you decide not to sell to us, I urge you to call just to get a professional opinion on the best way to move forward.

I talk to sellers every day and it is not uncommon for me to tell them that selling their property “For Sale By Owner” or with a Real Estate Agent is a better route than selling to us.  The worst thing you could possibly do if you are looking to sell or in a foreclosure situation is nothing.  I urge you to take action and see what we can do to help, action cures fear.

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