Where is Everybody Moving?

Jacksonville is currently one of the fastest growing cities in the United States.  Our surplus of affordable land has created an influx of business leading to young educated professionals moving to the area following those jobs.  Everywhere you turn there are new restaurants, gyms, and coffee shops popping up.  The fun part is predicting which area of Jacksonville will be the next to pop off as the affordable hot spot for young home buyers.  Currently home prices in Murray Hill are shooting up as some young professionals who can no longer afford to buy in Riverside are moving farther South.  Our entire business model is to find these up and coming areas like Murray Hill, purchase property, renovate, and re-sell the newly renovated homes to people who want to be there and take pride in owning their own homes.  Pride of ownership keeps communities strong and strengthens the entire city.

The Downtown Area

Our focus this week is the Downtown/Northside zip codes of 32209, 32208, and 32254.  The increase in home values has already started with residents purchasing and renovating homes in Springfield.  I am predicting this spreads North to Tallulah Park, Norwood, Moncrief Park, and other boro’s up that way that are in need of a fresh coat of paint.  I am buying houses in all of the above mentioned zip codes and can react and close faster than anybody else in town.  If I get a phone call I can be at the house within a half hour and close within 24 hours if necessary.  Our business plan is to renovate these homes we are buying and begin selling them at competitive prices.  As property values go up, it will start a chain reaction revitalizing areas all over Jacksonville, tough to get started but impossible to stop.  If you are looking to sell your house in Jacksonville Florida, give me a call and see what I can offer you for it.


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