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So if you’re planning to do something with your life, if you have a 10-year plan of how to get there, you should ask:  Why can’t you do this in 6 months? – Peter Theil

Capacity…our potential, is nothing more than a mindset.  The difference between the guy that flips three houses a year on the side and the other guy who does one per week is the way they think about their business and set goals.  Mindset is what propelled the second to 52 houses a year but without forward progression can quickly become his enemy and limit him to that.  Why can’t he do 104 a year?  Are there any actual limits or just imaginary boundaries and rules we put on ourselves?

Goals and Direction, Leave Nothing to Chance

The passive investor is happy with three flips a year because he is busy with family, his day job, and it is a tough market to find deals in.  The investor doing a deal per week is focused on that goal, he/she knows that they live in a world of abundance and that there are plenty of deals out there if consistent effort is put in to find them.

When starting my real estate investment business I originally didn’t have an exact revenue/deal per month goal in mind so I was lost.  I pushed through day after day seeing some success but did not have a direction or anything to work toward.  I saw some early success and because of that I allowed myself to set lead generation and forward progress on cruise control.

I was snapped out if it when not even two minutes after closing a large deal, my partner asked me what other leads had come in and how several other of our marketing campaigns were doing.  It seems like such a simple shift in mindset but it is something I didn’t originally realize coming from a W-2 world where you are only required to work hard enough to not be fired.  Being asked what was next after closing what [in my perspective] was a solid months’ worth of income/work changed my perspective on business and goal-setting.  That type of aggressiveness cannot be taught, but your mind can be opened to it with the right mentors and personal development.

Don’t let Common Beliefs put a Restrictor Plate on Your Reality

The truth is that there are no rules, nothing anybody says matters.  You can spend life being obedient playing within the rules or you can bend them to your will and create your own reality.  Never let your mind be constrained by the negative words of others disguised as “guiding advice”.  Figure out your direction and let nothing stop you from achieving your goals as fast as possible.

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