San Marco Probate

Closed on this 3 bed 2 bath on quiet Silverwood Lane in San Marco just after Thanksgiving.  The home had significant probate issues which we helped the seller work out before we were able to close on it.  It look a little over a month to draft and obtain signatures on all of the documentation required for clear titlebut our legal team worked diligently and we were able to close in cash and distribute the proceeds to all who had interest in the property.

How to Sell a Property that Needs a Probate

If you have a property with probate/title issues the first step is to contact a estate attorney; be sure to do your research and ask around, make sure the attorney is trustworthy and their pricing is comparable to others in town.  In your consultation, be completely honest with the estate attorney about the exact situation with the will or lack there of.  Probates go smoothly when everyone involved is in agreement, when siblings and estranged relatives are arguing over money, that is when lawyers are able to inflate their fees.  Probates are cheaper and easier when all parties are in agreement.

If you don’t have the time or energy to deal with a probate on your own, let us take care of everything for you.  Once we agree on a price, I will front the initial money for the probate costs (which are typically between $2,000 – $5,000) and then close on the property once the probate has been completed.  Everyone we have helped with probates so far has appreciated the streamlined, simple approach we take to getting them done quick and easy.  If you are looking to sell an inherited property that needs a probate or has title issues in Northeast Florida, give me a call; even if I can’t help I will point you in the right direction.  The legal paperwork to obtain clear title on property is not complicated but it does need to be done correctly and by a professional.

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