So we’re up in the Newtown, West Moncrief, Northwest Springfield area a lot, and I wanted to talk about people who are just trying to get started in this business. In the Murray Hill area, you know its a hot area right now, and those homerun, slam dunk deals of 20/30 grand are hard  to find but they’re out there. We come across those deals a few times a year in the hot areas.

But if you are just getting started  go up to this area of Newtown, West Springfield in 32209. We just drove down one block where we own a solid house, and saw so many condemned notices on homes, other houses that look vacant.

If you knock on every single one of those doors, do your research on COJ, find the owners and send them letters, try to get in contact with them. There are more deals to be had. Even if you sell them to us and make 3 grand off each house- that is the best way to get started.

It’s all about grinding in the beginning and it is very low cost to drive to that area and door knock, grab some address, and get to work. I guarantee you within a couple months you’ll have a house. So talk about a  great way to get started. Go drive up in those areas of Jacksonville, there’s just deals everywhere. They’re smaller deals in the short term, but higher volume.


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