The route you choose to go in selling your real estate should depend on your situation.  This post outlines the typical hurdles that need to be jumped when selling your property with a Real Estate Agent that you don’t face selling to an Investor.


Good Real Estate Agents are worth every penny of the commission you pay them.  They negotiate pricing, draw up all the legal documents, work with mortgage originators, and navigate you through the extensive process of selling a house.  If you are not in a rush to sell and your property is in near perfect/renovated condition, a trusted agent is the way to go.  Commissions are negotiable but in NE Florida right now the average is about 6% of the purchase price (3% to the listing agent and 3% to the buyer’s agent).

Home Inspections

If home inspectors didn’t find flaws and issues with houses we wouldn’t need them.  Even if you think your house is perfect, you can bet that the home inspector will find issues.  These issues translate into repair requests from the buyer which is more money out of your pocket at closing.


It doesn’t matter how much you think your house is worth.  The person buying your property will likely need a mortgage which will not be processed if the house does not appraise for the agreed upon sales price.  When a mortgage falls apart, that translates into lost time on the market which costs you money.

Closing Costs

Closing costs end up being 3-5% of the sale price.  A portion (if not all) of those costs can be paid out of your profits if the seller requests it.  The current median home price in Jacksonville, FL is $123,900, at that price range or anything near it you can bet on the buyers asking for closing costs.

In Summary

Calling us to get a quick cash offer on your property is more than worth the 5 minutes spent on the phone.  Customers who sell to us find that the difference between the cash they will receive selling to us vs. selling with an agent only ends up being a few thousand dollars.  They are happy to sell to us at a price we agree upon because we provide a simple, straight-forward transaction.

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