Delete limits in your Mind, they are Illusions. 

Reflecting on the decisions you have made and how they have effected your life can keep us from making the same mistakes twice and help us to realize what truly makes us happy and gives us mental peace.  Today has been 5 months since I officially left my job offshore drilling and the maritime industry as a whole.  At that point I knew what I wanted to do but like many others I was struggling with direction and how to get started.  I had shiny object syndrome and wanted it all but did not have the ability to stop and focus on one thing before moving on to the next.  Looking back I have realized that I needed that period of confusion and struggle in order to grow.

What Has Changed?

Fear of the unknown can be crippling, I wrote this list about a week after I left my job.  I tried to capture every aspect of my life that had changed; looking back, I try to figure out what I was so afraid of…

  • I wake up every morning next to my girlfriend [now fiancé] who I love.  I wake up happy, and take 15 minutes to reflect (in my hammock under the Florida sun) on how lucky and grateful I am to have everything that I do.

  • I see my daughter every single morning and tuck her in to bed every single night. I am much less stressed, I have not yet mastered my mind enough to the point where nothing out of my control makes me angry and stressed but I will get there. I have not made any money yet, but I have begun with the end in mind, am ramping up my effectiveness and daily routines to where unstoppable progress is being made.  I know in my mind that I cannot and will not ever give up on my dream of being a business owner so although plenty of obstacles will stand in my way, it will be impossible for anything to stop me.

  • My health insurance for Nora and myself is now significantly cheaper.     

  • My weekly tasks include volunteering at Jax Humane and Hospice, donating my time to both people and animals who need help and love; it is a calming, peaceful feeling to be giving back for free while leaving the stress and high pace screaming lifestyle that goes on drilling holes in the ocean floor. 

  • Spend every day with my dogs and walk them all the time.

  • I just read through this list again, keep in mind that it has only been about a week since I have been unemployed.  I have ramped up marketing and deal searching and am supremely confident that it is only a matter of time.  Networking is key.

Since I made that list five months ago things have only better and each day I move closer to my goals.  There are negative aspects of all lifestyle choices but they are nothing more than minor setbacks that can be completely eliminated when attacked with an open mind.

Take Control

This world would be a boring place if we were all the same, a self-employed lifestyle comes with a degree of risk and stress you don’t have when a steady paycheck is coming in.  Besides my daughter, my other primary reason for leaving Diamond Offshore was the fact that even if I did fight my way up the ladder, my income potential would always be capped by the company.  My family and I were dependent on what Diamond Offshore was willing to pay us therefore they chose the lifestyle we would live.  As an investor and business owner, my mind is the only cog that limits the amount of wealth and money I am able to accumulate.  Master your mind, feed it daily with positivity, dreams, and gratitude and it will grow beyond anybody’s control.  Maintain balance in all aspects of your life and fight your way to the top.

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