Homeowners have several options when selling their property and each of them has pros and cons.  The route you should go depends completely on your situation, timeline, and how soon you need the cash for your property.

Sell with a Real Estate Agent:

The most common method is listing your house with a Real Estate Agent.  When the market is hot like it is right now there is no shortage of agents out there that will list your house for you and give you an idea of what they think you can sell it for.  Be sure to interview several agents and find one you trust that will put maximum effort into marketing and getting you top dollar for your property.  Flynn Homes sells 10-15 houses a month through Agents, our suggestion is using the Edge Group with Keller Williams.  Their base location is right here in Jacksonville and in my opinion they are the best in Northeast Florida. 

This is the best way to get top dollar if your property is in good, clean, renovated condition and you have 60-90 days to sell it.  Disadvantages are dealing with buyers, banks, inspectors, repair requests, financing contingencies, and indefinite closing dates.

For Sale by Owner:

Sell it yourself and do all of your own marketing.  Selling FSBO you will save 3% not having to pay a listing agent but keep in mind you will very likely be paying a buyer’s agent 3% anyway.  With that 3% you are saving not paying a listing agent, you will need to pay a lawyer to go over your selling documents, not to mention the fact that you will be negotiating price/closing costs with a licensed professional; make sure you are confident and know your numbers.

Sell to an Investor:

The easiest option is to sell to an investor for cash.  When looking to sell to an investor, keep in mind that the highest offer isn’t always the best.  If the investors you are showing your house to are real buyers who will come through with cash at the closing table, then all of their offers will be relatively close depending on who will work for the least amount of money.  That being said, the choice really comes down to whoever you trust the most and think you will work well with

The advantages to selling with an investor are:

  • Choose your closing date
  • No bank appraisals
  • No home inspections
  • No repair requests
  • Sell your home As-Is
  • Flexibility to stay in the property after it closes

That being said, investors need to make a profit on the houses they buy because that is their business.  Investors would be out of business quickly if they just went around buying every single property at full market value.  At Flynn Homes, we sell the ease of the transaction and have no problem disclosing our rehab and profit numbers to any seller.  We are not a perfect fit for every seller, but even if you don’t end up selling to us, we hope you will walk away more knowledgeable on the process than you were before you called.

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