People are wondering why they get these cards in the mail and if they are a scam.  Who gave these people my information!?  Are people driving by my house!?  Who is selling my personal information!?  Let me save you some time and provide you with a few basic answers and assure you that there is nothing to worry or get angry about:

How do you know where I live? Have you seen my house?

No, I did not drive by your house nor do I have any idea who you are or where you live.  If you received a card, you were not targeted in any way whatsoever.  Marketing companies pull homeowner names from public tax records and hit entire neighborhoods with these “We Buy Houses” post cards.  If you received one and have no interest in selling a house, you should save yourself the trouble of calling and demanding answers by simply throwing the small card you received into the trash can… problem solved!

Are “We Buy Houses” post cards a scam?

There is talk about “We Buy Houses” marketing being a scam.  I can only speak for myself in saying with confidence that every single customer we have bought from has been happy with how easy we made their experience and how they are treated.  Like any business, we are not a good fit for everybody.  You wouldn’t use a Realtor who sells 200,000 dollar houses in Jacksonville to sell your 15 Million Dollar oceanfront house in Malibu, just like nobody should use us if their house is in great shape and they have the time an energy to list it with a real estate agent to get top dollar.

Person we would be a good fit for:  I live up in Massachusetts and my Great Aunt Mary just left me a house in her will.  The place is an absolute disaster, pretty sure the kitchen was on fire at some point, there is a tree through the back deck and no less than 20 dead cats scattered through the place.  I have no idea what it will cost to fix but Zillow says it is worth this, can you give me a fair price and close within a week?

Person we would be a bad fit for:  I recently renovated my house with a new kitchen and bathrooms, the roof is 4 years old and I just had the electrical inspected.  I am not in the hurry and am looking to get top market value for my house.

We are increasing property values and only work with people who want to work with us.

We are a business, we buy houses that need work in all types of neighborhoods all over Jacksonville, renovate them, and then resell for top dollar, pumping up everyone’s property values in the process.  I have never held a gun to anybody’s head and forced them to sell to me, I offer what I can.  If my numbers don’t work for the seller, I provide insight on what I would do in their situation and we both move on.  I am crystal clear with how much I think their house is worth once it is renovated and the fact that I will be making a profit from the sale; it doesn’t make much sense to take on all the risk otherwise.

Getting a “WE ARE INTERESTED IN BUYING YOUR PROPERTY” card in the mail has no more significance than getting a coupon from Ace Hardware or McDonalds.  If you are not interested in selling property, just throw it in the garbage.  Your time is valuable! Don’t spend it on the phone trying to get yourself taken off some mailing list that does not exist.

If this blog post stopped one person from getting angry and calling the number on the post card screaming and being a dick, I consider it a success.


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