Below is a letter that I wrote to and inspirational person in my life.  I have never met him but through the books and positive thoughts he puts into the world my life has changed completely.  I’m sure he does not have a ton of spare time to read every fan letter he gets but my goal is to get this letter in front of him and I am going to attempt every route possible.

Flynn Homes has now helped hundreds of homeowners make sense of foreclosure/buying/selling properties and it would not be here if it were not for the inspiration of those who came before me.


Mr. Kiyosaki,

My name is Pat Flynn, I am a 2009 graduate of the United States Merchant Marine Academy and Kings Point Rugby Alumni.  When I was a senior about to join the ranks of Military Sealift Command, you came to Kings Point to speak to us about your life and it planted a seed in the back of my mind which eventually grew and completely changed the trajectory of my life. 

After 7 years of merchant marine/offshore drilling rigs, I finally had my breaking point and launched my real estate investment company “Flynn Homes LLC”.  We have been doing well but my real passion is the line of work you are in which is providing positivity, motivational ideas, and education to the world. 

If you had stayed working as a mate for the oil company both my life and yours would be completely different.  The thought of you sitting at home as a crusty sailor collecting your oil company pension rather than being the business mogul you are today was a prime source of my motivation; you had a good paying, comfortable, secure job, what if you had stayed and not bet it all on yourself?

I wanted to email you to show my gratitude and thanks for everything you do and the positivity you put out into the world.  It has transformed my way of thinking and in effect my life.

To taking control and making life better,

Pat Flynn

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